Art is not absolute. There are no rules. The transformation of feelings into language is my poetry; giving form to emotions is my art.

The visual sensation experienced when viewing a work must be filtered before it penetrates into that dimension where words do not exist.

Expressing those subtleties in life that frequent the subconscious is the art making process. I refer to it as “flowing in the undercurrent”. It refers to a state of being that is attentive to both the inner and outer world on a plane where words inadequately define things. It is filled with shapes and symbols, revolves around dream images, and is constantly fed through the bottomless well of the creative imagination.

The creative energy can be directed toward an immersion into the self, and may produce images that are brought to the surface. Occasionally these images appeal to a collective. The impulse driving this force has no need of judgment or approval, nor does creativity rest on past laurels. Art making is a solitary path, a descent into the soul that is never-ending.


Robert Rosenstein is married with 2 children. He lives and makes art in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.